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Jewish Princess
27 November
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My name is Jillian but everyone calls me Jill. I have a sister named Alison. She goes to college so I feel like an only child now. My favorite flavor ice cream is cookies and cream, and I hate chocolate. I'm a swimmer but my biggest fear is drowning. Not many people know what my second is. I like English and history and I hate math and science. My all time favorite teacher was my eighth grade english teacher Miss Abraham. But Mrs. Urbain pulls a close second. I used to get straight A's but that ended in the seventh grade. When I grow up, I want to be just like my sister. I swim butterfly. My favorite holiday is Easter and my favorite cousin is Micheal. I have an awesome god-father. I like candy corn but not circus peanuts and I hate sugar free candy. People (Bryan) call me Spaz and Cindy-Loo-Who but I only take offense to the latter. I don't feel regret for what I have done in the past, I learned from my mistakes and moved on. When I'm sad, me and my Dad do a jigsaw puzzle. I get angry fast but am a happy person. I was a cheerleader but I quit. Twice. My closest friend's name is Jackie. I like to have crushes on people and my longest relationship was fourteen months (technically). I think that it is possible to have a soulmate. I haven't found mine. I don't know what love is, but I think I've been in it. From now on, I'm going to date the "safe" boys. I've been in love with the same boy since seventh grade, and always will be. I wish I was a ballroom dancer and before I die I want to take boxing lessons. I also want to write a novel on any and every random thought I've ever had. My favorite word is GEEK and but tis' is great too. I quote movies and make jokes at all the wrong time. Some people like me. Some people don't. I judge books only by their covers and I don't buy hardbacks. My backpack is red for attention and I keep it clean. I like guys with long hair, but I've only dated one. My first kiss was my freshman year of high school, but most people wouldn't believe it. I've wrestled in Jello and I don't like pudding. I like apples more than any other fruit besides pears. I like the feeling of kissing someone for the first time and holding hands is the best. I hate orange juice with pulp. Sometimes I act out scenarios in my head and end up talking out loud. I've wanted to be a lawyer for so long, I've almost forgotten why. I've cheated on a boy before and forgiven myself. I've also changed my ways. I like the 2 dollar movies better than full price. I hate mini-golfing. I've hurt people, and been hurt, and I learned a lot about myself in the process. Life can be a bitch, but there's always someone who makes it worth while. My sister is my hero.